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Jilorio Gastronomic Pack

Price 399€ 299€ 4 almuerzos / cenas
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Jilorio Gastronomic Pack

399€ 299€ per person

Jilorio means hunger. And it is precisely against that that our Jilorio Gastronomic Pack fights. With this tour you will be able to enjoy our wonderful cuisine, in unique corners and enclaves that make this Pack one of the most popular.

You can choose between trying typical Canarian places, with a varied gastronomic offer, or discovering that we have a high-quality gastronomy beyond potatoes with mojo. Each of the Canary Islands has different traditional specialities, but common to all of them are dishes such as the Canarian stew (similar to stew), gofio escaldado (slightly related to porridge), watercress stew, sancocho (sancochar means cook, but any resemblance to the Madrid stew is purely coincidental), fried goat meat, fist of gofio or tollos (sun-dried fish meat). There are also high-quality local foods from Canarian cuisine that you have to try whenever you visit the islands: cheeses, wines, fish, bananas, tomatoes and products from the garden…

But we know that you don’t just want to try the “wrinkled potatoes”. And every time we have more and better restaurants on the island, signature cuisine, some with Michelin stars, themed, etc, but all this without forgetting, of course, the traditional and authentic restaurants, known as “bochinches” inside an aboriginal cave… You have plenty to choose from!

Combine up to 5 with this fantastic pack, we take care of all the work. And let your palate do the rest. If what you like is eating, this is your experience: Jilorio Gastronomic Pack.

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