Your Canary Friend. Vacaciones en Canarias como un Canario

Your Canary Friend. Disfruta de Gran Canaria como lo hacemos los canarios



What happens when you travel to a destination where a friend lives for a long time there?

Exactly, you don't worry about anything. Your friend acts as host and guide. He takes you to the best places and makes you know the hidden corners that you would miss if you were a conventional tourist. And that's what we want at YCF, don't worry and let us take care of everything. From coordinating your flights to a romantic evening while watching a starry night.Having lunch in an aboriginal cave, activities in nature, tracking, visits to wineries... We design tailor-made trips to Gran Canaria. All depending on your tastes, the length of your stay and your spending budget. Trust Your Canary Friend to turn your visit to Gran Canaria into an unforgettable experience.

You only have to take care of making your suitcase. We want to make you live and feel an unforgettable experience in Gran Canaria.

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What do we offer you?

Do you like to travel to see your friends? Don't you have any in the Canary Islands?

You already have one. And not just any one.

Your Canary Friend will make you feel at home when you come to visit our Island. Whether you come alone, as a couple, with friends or family, we want every day to be an unforgettable experience. If you wish, we can design tailor-made trips to Gran Canaria. And we have created different packs and tours, flexible and attractive so that, depending on your tastes, you can find an experience that only a great friend could recommend.

Three ways to enjoy our services:

  • Fill this questionnaire and our team will design a tailor-made trip to Gran Canaria, personalized and adapted to your tastes.
  • Select a pre-designed pack or tour that you like.
  • Or contact us directly and tell us what you want. Tell us what you like, what budget and any suggestion you want to make. We will contact you to design the trip that best suits what you are looking for.
guía en Gran Canaria

Guide in Gran Canaria

Are you one of those who prefers to take it easy and go your own way?

Awesome! We will be there to recommend what you need depending on where you are: tips, special places to visit, how to get there, what is the typical dish of that area, what is worth buying and where…

You are the owner of your time, we help you optimize it during your days on the island. From just €49 per person and stay, you will have a friend you can ask for advice at any time. Doesn’t that seem like a luxury?

The Lucky Island

Discover Gran Canaria

Tailor-made experiences in Gran Canaria

Searching the internet and from afar you find who is better positioned or who has spent more on advertising. And when you arrive, you find overcrowding, expensive prices and tourist traps. With you I've got rid of all that. And I have managed to see a Gran Canaria (without camels!) that I did not expect at all

Asier Ruiz,


Sport and Accommodation

My annual appointment with Gran Canaria is the North Face. I do not lose it. But I also want to take advantage of the visit, relax and have a few beers, get to know the Island, eat properly... and of course get a hotel that is good value for money. With you I get all that.

Aurelio Pedraz,


At the last minute

You have a getaway and everything is reserved or stupidly expensive. But you have arranged a great visit for us in which nothing was missing and we return with the feeling that we want to return!!

Patricia Márquez,


Explore and enjoy

When I travel I like to go exploring and on my own. With Your Canary Friend I have the perfect mix between freedom and guided tour. They accompany me but do not overwhelm me, they advise me and make me discover places that I would hardly be able to without them

Esther Hernández,

Sport traveler

Tourist vs Traveler

I'm tired of being a tourist and seeing the usual. You think you're exploring, but really you're going where everyone else is going. With these guys I've managed to get out of the conventional, and get where I didn't imagine. Ask them about activities in the North!!

Antonio Quintana,


If you are looking to rest

We travel to get rid of rolls and rest. Vacations are vacations. Your Canary Friend ensures that we do not have to go looking for a cute hotel or a cheap rental car or a hidden joint to eat well. And that is priceless

Marcos Santaelena,

Financial Advisor
Your Canary Friend. Tours y visitas guiadas a Gran Canaria.